I teach the Family of the Americas (FAF) method.

This is a mucus-only method that is simple yet effective. With this method there is no internal checks and we do not use a thermometer; in fact, with this method you do not need to add anything to your day. You simply need to get in the habit of noticing what is happening in your body and education to know what it means.

What to expect in class:

The classes consist of an Introductory Session which may be taught in a group, and three individual follow-ups. The Introductory Session lasts about an hour and a half. You will learn the method and receive your charting supplies, handouts, and a booklet. You will leave the Introduction being able to begin observing and charting your cycle immediately. The follow-up sessions are shorter and are there for you and me to meet so you can ask questions and we can go over your chart together. My goal in the follow ups is to help you gain understanding and confidence in using the method quickly and autonomously.

What classes cost:

The price of all four sessions and initial charting materials is $95. Some women with special circumstances may need additional follow-ups. Additional meetings are $10 each. Sometimes couples wish to learn more about NFP before deciding for sure whether they wish to use the method or not. I am always happy to give free Introductory sessions. If you decide you want to use the method, you can pay then and receive charting materials and schedule the follow up sessions.

Class Schedule

All classes are held at:
Elizabeth Ministry Retreat and Resource Center
120 W. 8th St
Kaukauna WI 54130

To register please email me at Include your name and the date you’d like to attend.

Having trouble finding something that fits with your schedule? Email me at and I’d be happy to schedule a private session with you.